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Why I Stopped Writing

on September 27, 2019

Shame is a powerful emotion

I dare say it’s as powerful an emotion as love

Both can be crippling

Shame caused me to stop writing here on my blog…

…a place where I used to feel safe

All because of one single person who didn’t deserve me

6 responses to “Why I Stopped Writing

  1. The V Pub says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. You blog should be your place, for your thoughts. If possible, don’t let one person ruin that for you.

  2. nikhop320 says:

    I relate to this so much and I’m so sorry you felt that way too. I love writing, it’s so healing for me. I started working on a ladies devotional. Well, I was so excited at what I had already done, I was at my moms and I showed her. Why did I do that??? I knew better!
    All she could say to me is “Maybe you should take some writing classes.” Nothing motherly at all like “WOW! That’s great honey. I’m so proud of you.”
    Are you kidding me?!?! That’s all you have for your only child?
    I let that rock my world and I didn’t write for almost 2 years😢 And all because of a comment from someone who is not healthy person for me….she’s narcissistic personality disorder and bipolar-untreated. Someone who has never been able to love well, encourage, or be there for me, and only thinks of herself.

    I set myself up and I would always expect something she’s not capable of.

    I’m so glad you started writing again. You are very talented. God bless you!

    • smitten says:

      Bless you for saying such nice things!! I am sorry about your mother. When it’s a parent, it destroys you for much longer than a temporary relationship with a narcissist. So glad that you have come around and are taking care of yourself xoxox

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