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Sunday Night with Cevichito

on March 13, 2015

(I have tried to write this post a bunch of times and I’m just not feeling it. I even drank half a bottle of wine Tuesday night hoping it would help. It didn’t. So, if my writing seems ‘off’ to you, that’s probably just because it is… Maybe I need to go back to reading smut…)


The evening went fairly well.

Not phenomenal or anything, but I didn’t expect it to.

When I left my apartment I had on a pair of jeans, a blouse and some cool silver pointy-toed boots. Once I got to his place, I was going to change out of my jeans into a nice-n-tight mini skirt that I don’t get to wear very often ever – pretty much because I didn’t need my entire family asking me why I was going to my friend’s house in “fuck me” clothes.

When I got to his place, he was wearing a track suit and a white fucking t-shirt! Although I appreciated the fact that he was clean and smelled clean, I was a little disappointed that he hadn’t put any effort into ‘getting ready’. I mean, I put makeup on and product in my hair… That’s something I just don’t do!

He didn’t do anything to his hair, except wash it – and that’s something he’s very particular about.

Am I being petty here?

(but I also thought, maybe he’s going to change into something nicer after he’s finished getting messy in the kitchen.)

I handed him the bottle of wine I had brought – Hogue Late Harvest Reisling (one of my favorites. One bottle wasn’t enough, btw…) – and, after a gracious “Hello” I excused myself to the bathroom to change.

While I was changing, he put the wine in the fridge.

I walked into the living room in my mini-skirt and pointy boots and he whistled in admiration, “Wow, Smitten. Your legs… Mmm!”

“Why thank you,” I answered.

He invited me to sit at the kitchen table and talk with him while he made dinner. The conversation was sparse and awkward – maybe it was just awkward for me, I don’t know… Maybe it was because he called me almost every day last week and talked to me for an hour so there wasn’t too much left to say.

While the meat and veggies were cooking, we went outside to enjoy the afternoon and so he could have a cigarette. His dog was eagerly waiting for him in the back yard. She’s a lovely husky-mix and I would have loved to have been able to play with her, but I wasn’t really dressed for it 😉 spiky-heeled boots and all. It seemed like we would have enjoyed it.

We went back in and ate the juicy pork loin he had prepared us for dinner, paired with some frozen vegetables and my Riesling. I was kind of disappointed at the mushy frozen veggies because this guy is constantly going on about how he worked as a cook in a kitchen for so long and how great he cooks, yada yada…

BUT, the pork loin was delicious and I’m not a vegetable snob. I would have cleared my plate if there hadn’t been so damn much food on it 🙂 LOL! Nevertheless, he took the leftovers and packed it for one of his lunches during the week.

We watched the two “new” Star Trek movies. The first one while we were eating dinner (remember TV trays?) and, once we finished that one and everything was cleaned up (and he went out to smoke another cigarette), we went to the basement and watched the second movie on his big screen.

Cevichito laid back against the arm of the couch and I kind of laid on his lap/front. It was comfortable, plus he would have something to finally rub his erection on 😉 .

It wasn’t long into the movie before he had his hands under my blouse and was stroking his fingertips across my nipples.

I liked the way it felt so I didn’t ask him to stop. He started pinching them gently and a moan escaped from my lips. We were both starting to breathe heavily and I joked, “Ummm… I thought we were watching a movie…”

“It’s okay. I’m multitasking.” He answered.

I giggled and he continued playing with my breasts. Exploring them. He would focus on the nipples, starting gently, barely rubbing them. A few moments later he would be pinching them between his fingertips. Hard almost?

Both of his hands were fully under my bra at this point. In between “pinchings” he would take each entire breast into each of his hands and massage them all around, up and down. Then resume building up to the pinching.

I’m not sure how long this went on. Probably half of the movie…?

Every once in a while I would reach underneath myself to grab his stiff erection and squeeze it. You know, I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t going to reciprocate in some way!

Anyway… I really didn’t know what I expected to grab onto. Cevichito had warned me his dick was muy pequeno many times in the past and, every time, all I could think about was Doom-n-Gloom’s teenie-eenie-weenie. But, it certainly didn’t feel small whenever I took a nice, stiff grip on it 😉

The heavy petting stopped for a while in the middle of the movie and started up again after I fell asleep (oops!). He claimed he was trying to keep me awake to watch the movie.

I replied, “I don’t really think I’ve seen very much of this movie at all, silly. I’m glad I’m the one who gets to bring it home so I can watch it again and actually pay attention!”

The movie ended and he went outside to have another cigarette and let the dog in.

I want to note here that he never changed into something “nicer” after dinner like I had hoped or thought or whatever. At this point, he is still in his blue track suit and white t-shirt (was he try’na be gangsta or sumpin’, yo?!).

I used the ladies’ room to freshen up while he was outside and, as I was walking up the stairs to join him, he was coming back into the house with his doggie. She greeted me and went straight to her doggie bed in the living room.

Cevichito invited me down the hall to his bedroom.

I don’t ever know what I expect to happen in these situations. Does the guy undress me? Do I undress the guy?

He closed the door explaining that the dog would just come right on in if he let her.

I completely understood. Also, I didn’t want to get eaten/maimed/killed by this large wolf-looking dog. She seemed fine when I wasn’t mounted by her “dad”, but all bets could be off if she felt like I was doing something that hurt him…

After closing the door, he just started taking off his clothes. Like I said, I never know what to expect in that situation, so I just took off my clothes, too. (Making sure to keep all my pieces together in a pile separate of his.)

Once I got to see it right there in front of me, yeah, he was right. It was kinda small. Seriously about 4 inches long.

But it was thick-ish

Again, like with Azi, the sex was rather uneventful. It got me off, but it wasn’t anything special that I should detail out for all of you here on my blog (or for myself for later…).

He stopped three times to avoid having an orgasm. The first time he stopped to stroke my clit, watching my body quiver and shake under the thrumming of his fingers (I was hoping for some tongue, but that didn’t happen).

The second time, while I was sucking him off, he made sure to (jokingly) comment that he thought I was much better than a 6.5! (during his pursuit of me, I mentioned that he might want to run away quickly because of my under-performing oral skills. Apparently that wasn’t enough to scare him…)

The third time was just a short breather after I tried to mount him unsuccessfully. He kept falling out. I couldn’t keep him inside of me! Even after we propped a pillow underneath his ass…

I flipped over on the bed doggie-style and he fucked me hard and fast until he came.

We laid there in the bed a few minutes afterward in the glow. I had at least two decent orgasms: once during his first time on top and once while he was fingering me. So, I was good.

Some of the post-coital chatter went like this:

See? I told you I was small.

Well, good thing you didn’t say that while we were fucking!

After what seemed like a respectable amount of time lying naked in his bed with him, thanking him, telling him that I enjoyed myself profusely and had indeed had AT LEAST one orgasm, I got up and started putting my clothes back on.

Cevichito said, “I thought you were going to spend the night.”

“Oh, no. I can’t do that. I didn’t bring a change of clothes or anything and I have to bring Thing #2 to school in the morning. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression, but I can’t stay.”

“Well, hopefully I satisfied you enough for the next couple of weeks at least.”

WTF kind of thing was that to say?? “Ummm… Yes,” I answered with a grin on my face, “I am quite satisfied and will sleep well when I get home.”

“Please text me when you get there safe, okay?”


I got home safe, texted him and went to sleep.

Monday morning, at 6AM, he responded to my “home safe” text.

Cevichito texted me again Monday evening, but I fell asleep before the time I was going to respond (he works 3rd shift and I didn’t want to wake him up).

Because I felt a little guilty for not getting back to him the entire day right after the first time we had sex (and he takes everything so personally) I thought I should say something. So, Tuesday morning I sent him an apology text to let him know I fell asleep early, I had a good day and I hoped he had, too.

He called me back right away.

He called me Wednesday morning, too.

Then he called me again Thursday morning.

What is going through this guy’s head right now? Why is he calling me every day?

The evening was nice, but (tiny dick aside) he and I have very little in common. It’s like he’s country and I’m rock-n-roll…

Before we even met up the first time, I told him flat-out that, no matter what, we can’t be dating.

Damn this pussy!!!

3 responses to “Sunday Night with Cevichito

  1. Incidentally, he called me again Friday morning…

  2. (Giggle) now you KNOW you not suppose to pull out the “good pussy” for a catch and release!

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