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on October 6, 2016

(I haven’t been feeling very up to writing lately, but this has been sitting unfinished in my drafts folder for far too long.)


This is NOT all our stuff!

The weekend before Thing #1 and I moved was absolute craziness.

Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 were planning on being out of the old apartment by Sunday evening.

Long story short: they weren’t. When the day was over, they hadn’t even moved half of their things. The rest for us to ‘deal with’ until their return Monday evening.

Needless to say, that was pretty upsetting and made things very difficult Sunday night. We weren’t actually surprised, just frustrated.

There was still a ton of cleaning to be done and Thing #1 and I needed to stage things for the movers who were coming Monday morning at 10AM! And I had to pick up the moving truck before that.

(That’s another story. Jim/”Mick” was supposed to help me move the cars to the new place… But Mr. Nice Guy stepped in and helped out instead. Fat lot of good that did, eh?)

The movers arrived and things went better than planned, considering all the extraneous shit we had to navigate around.

Monday evening we picked up an antique bedroom set I found online and then I drove Lil Bear to a grocery store parking lot near our new place. It made me extremely uncomfortable to leave him there all alone, but it was really the only option. Mr. Nice Guy picked me up from there and brought me back to my “old” home.

We had planned to be finished and on the road to the new place by 8:30 Tuesday morning (9/20), but we didn’t have everything completely loaded until almost 11AM!

At that point I was having a hard time staying calm and not freaking out about being late. I still needed to pick up keys and finalize everything at the new place and the movers were coming at 2PM! I was so glad I hadn’t scheduled them for earlier.

Of course, until I unlocked our new apartment at 1:45, everything happened at a snail’s pace: traffic was putzing, all the stoplights were red, getting the keys and signing the final forms seemed to take forever!

But we made it just in time, and the movers called to tell us they were running about 3o minutes late. Cool!!

That gave Thing #1 and I some time to find a decent place to park the moving truck and starting staging things for the unload.

Thankfully, moving in was much easier than moving out.

It only took 3 hours! Exactly the amount of time we had allotted. And, at the end of things, I was offered a job to be a mover! (Maybe something to think about when I finally leave my current job…LOL!)

It was time to drop off the truck and pick up Breezy.  And, once we returned to the apartment from retrieving Breezy, we walked to the store to pick up some food and Lil Bear.

Thing #1 was a total rock star.

We were completely exhausted. So exhausted that I looked at the cash in my wallet and sent the following message to a friend who also happens to be a massage therapist:

Would $70, a ton of weed, dinner and great company be enough to get you to come over and give us both 60 minute massages?


Look who’s already found himself someplace comfy


5 responses to “Moving

  1. Yay, for moving! You are awesome to settle it all down so quickly…

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    Well, did ya get the massage? 🙂 To see you and for a ton of weed I’d drive there 🙂
    I give good massage 😉

    • smitten says:

      I wish I would have known that ❤ I would have messaged you!
      And we did get the massage, just on Friday instead. The night before my car was stolen 😦

  3. BallsyBilly says:

    ❤ ❤

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