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My First Day In Houston

on July 29, 2015

I had a big, long debate in my head whether I wanted to be verbose or just sum up my trip. There is going to be some of both, I think, and not nearly as much of the sexy bits as I might normally write, but we’ll see what happens…

TravelThe Denver airport was nerve-wracking!

  1. I thought that, at 4AM, there wouldn’t be so many people. The wait line was already an hour long. I have learned my lesson for next time.
  2. I was patted down by security for a metal object in my left back pocket. (I didn’t have a pocket in my sweatpants. I was wearing garter panties, but there was no metal in them… Later TC suggested maybe it was the plate in my ankle and they were reading it wrong…???)
  3. Security had to go through my bag right after that because the denture cleaner I brought set off their “alert” (powdered bleach… Again, now I know.)
  4. I was flying Southwest and had managed to get into the “A” boarding group. Yay! But, by the time I finally finished getting through security, my flight had already started boarding… *sigh*

Even so, I made it right as they started boarding the “B” group, so I got my window seat! I wasn’t particularly fond of the couple who sat next to me, but they didn’t smell… She just kept rubbing up and down my arm while she was playing video poker on her phone. That was all. Like for most of the 2 hour flight… But I got a window seat 😀

When I arrived in Houston it was awesome. Quick and easy, small airport. TC texted that he was caught up in traffic. I responded that it wasn’t a problem, I still had to change into my outfit for him (originally, I was gonna wear thigh-highs, but after checking the temperature outside, decided 100% against it! As it is, I still have a practically unbearable case of heat rash!).

I texted him again when I was ready and he responded he would still be 15 more minutes because of an accident on the highway. I scoped out the arrivals area and said where I would be waiting for him — it was the benches for AirTran, I figured he should be able to find me waiting there.

He did. He found me right away. Got out, picked up my bag and sweater and put them in the car, opened the passenger door for me and then kissed me “Hello” before putting me in his car and driving away (I think that security was whistling at us to keep it moving, but I’m not entirely sure 😉 ).

During the 9 weeks of waiting to see each other again, TC had mentioned (a few times) that he was planning on making me cum at least twice on the 40-minute car ride home. Lucky for him, there was another accident delaying traffic on the way back to his place, so he had twice as much time to achieve that goal. And, achieve it, he did.


Because there was another huge accident.

When we were almost back to his place, he started exploring with one or two fingers inside of me and discovered that g-spot, too. With all of the rubbing and caressing and waiting for so long to see him, it didn’t take me long to cum – #5. Especially since he’d pulled into an empty parking lot where he could more easily focus on just me and my orgasm.

He stopped at a western goods store and ran in to get me a key chain with a spur on it. Totally sweet!

Then he stopped at the drugstore to get me a giant bottle of wine – Moscato. He remembered ❤

I think we got back to his place at around 1PM… It was still so hot, but we couldn’t keep ourselves off each other. And, he had promised me that I would be able to have my way with him once we were inside.

I can’t remember the order of everything, but I can tell you that, he did let me have quite a while to enjoy his loveliness just as he had adored mine in the car.

Then, everything is a big fat sexy mashup for the entire rest of the day.

He had me on the kitchen island, the living room floor, in the shower… The central air wasn’t working in his apartment, so he had to go to the apartment office at one point to ask them to fix it, also he picked up his mail… The maintenance man showed up as TC was having a little more of me on the bed… Then he finger fucked me on the kitchen counter, played with my nipples till I trembled with orgasm on the other side of the kitchen island… He ordered us pizza in the middle, we ate, we smoked up, drank a little… There was more sex, but I was tired. It had been a very early morning for me and I really only slept about 2 hours before that.

We were in bed by 11:30 and he let me fall asleep.

5 responses to “My First Day In Houston

  1. Rivka says:

    I didn’t think there were still men who catered to the woman first.

  2. […] it. (You see… There was an ‘incident’ on the Sunday after I returned from my first visit to him – I will tell you about that in a few […]

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