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My “Turn”

on March 9, 2016

Sorry if I misled you with my last post.

I didn’t tie Mick up and smack his ass with all the different implements he used on me.

That’s not my style.

No. My style is to crawl underneath the bedsheets and nibble my way down to his cock.

Then take his balls in one hand and cradle them while I gently caress his dick with my tongue… Tasting the tip, then kissing it…

I love to hear my lover moan first thing in the morning. His voice is crackly and low… I can feel it vibrate deep within his body.

I imagine his eyes rolling back into his upper head as I take his lower head slowly into my mouth and savor the saltiness of his pre-cum. Like savory frosting on my breakfast snack…

He may have already said it to me, but I feel the same way – I want to treat him like he’s never known…

Not only do I want him to take my body and do crazy-cruel things to it for both of our pleasure, I want to learn every nook and cranny of his…

Twice I climbed up his body to kiss his lips. His sweet lips that love to kiss mine…

It wasn’t long before he rolled me over and made love to me. His strong, rough hands softly stroking up my sides, giving me shivers.

His fingers around my throat…

His sexy whispers in my ear…

Up until the moment before his climax when he told me to get ready, he was about to cum.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him deep inside as our pulses synchronized with each other for that brief moment before collapse.

A few more kisses and a few more smacks on my ass, then we were off to the shower to get ready for our days.

He was everything he promised and more.

A few hours later, he emailed me the pics he had taken of my reddened ass along with a note:

Good morning, your awesomeness
What a wonderful way to start the day today. Thank you.

Last night was pretty amazing too

Good morning, Mr. Awesome! I do enjoy a good romp to start the day!
Last night was better than I anticipated and sleeping with you was pretty amazing, too. Thank you for a lovely time. My ass, neck and nipples still feel you…
I really like those pictures. Especially the hand prints!!

Your Kinky Kitten

I must say that it was not a let down from the anticipated. I think it was even better. Obviously we didn’t get to do all the things that I/we wanted to do, but it was only one evening. I hope to have many more to work on that bucket list of things.

It could be said that I now own you. I don’t wish to be your owner. I want to be your fellow teacher and student. We each have many things to learn, and I would like to do that, a lot. It just sucks that work and life have to interfere with fun.

How is sitting in a chair feeling??

LOL! It’s more tender up top where you were grabbing and holding my skin… So, around my beltline I can feel you every time I move. I loved all the ways you were smacking my ass. It’s funny how much more your hands hurt than any of your belts.

It could be said that you now own me, but if you owned me then I would also want you to be mine. I like the idea of being fellow students/teachers for each other.

Unfortunately, life and work are necessities, though. Imagine how droll sex would actually be if that’s all we ever did! Instead, we trudge on through our sordid lives looking for that bit of relief and release that kind of intimacy provides us.

I didn’t want to leave this morning. I can’t tell you how much I liked sleeping with you and waking up with you. Rest assured that you did indeed treat me as I have never known. Thank you!

You have a lot of extra skin in several places that I like to get a hold of. That area was just more convenient and frequent. It will be so much fun to find new ways and places to bring the pain that you seek so much, before I indulge you with pleasure. That look you had when I had been so sweet to your pussy and then suddenly slapped your lips was worth the whole night. Call me sick or demented or twisted, I don’t care, but that was awesome. Next time I might try pleasure on one part and pain on another at the same time. That is so cool that you trust me so.

You’ve given me good reason to trust you. So far, you haven’t had any problems communicating with me about anything I need or want to discuss. You took me out of my bindings when I got a charley horse (I felt pretty bad about that, by the way) and laughed right along with me when it happened. In fact, you laughed with me the entire time and that was wonderful! When I asked you to fix the strap, you fixed the strap. When I told you to stop, you stopped. I told you it was too rough and you listened.

I think my last partner truly did believe that, in sex, I was his toy to do with as he pleased. As much as I desire the pain, I also desire the respect and have always believed that my submission and willingness to share my pain and vulnerability with another is a gift. He didn’t treat me as a gift. You very much did! There wasn’t any point in time where I didn’t feel safe and utterly cherished with you. It was lovely and amazing. And I want to thank you for sharing your kink with me, too. You were just as vulnerable as I was, just in a different way. And you could have been caught!!

Thank you, Mick. I’m dreaming of the next time…

You are absolutely a gift. I don’t know how I was so blessed to receive such.
I can still feel your throat on my dick this morning. I get a little twitch when I think about it. I could have done that until I came. Awesome.
I have put up most of the toys I brought. As I would get them out I would smile when I remembered how you looked while I used that particular item on you.
I can not forget how much you and this night meant to me.

You flatter me, Sweet Man and I do not handle flattery well *blush*.

I’m glad that you have some thing/s to remember me by, too. I can totally imagine that devious smile of yours as you were putting every toy back in its place. Such a wonderfully devious smile!

You can be the “playmaster”. LOL! I like your toys and your ideas! Feel free to improvise… If you make it better and more comfortable for me, I’m certainly not going to complain! It was fun for that brief moment you were using my wheel, too…

I’m sure you haven’t discovered even half of my tickly spots and I am enjoying each time you find a new one. One of the places you squeezed last night I didn’t even know I was ticklish there!

Have a great afternoon! I’ve been sitting here reliving last night’s memories (and working *sigh*). Thank you for making them with me!!

There was also an interesting spot that I found when you were on your stomach and I was playing with your pussy. I was using my thumbs pushing in around your taint spot when you jumped and said you didn’t know there was a muscle there. Your jump surprised me and I forgot what I had done for sure, so I will have to “investigate” that again. We both experienced some new things last night. I thought it was awesome to have someone to have that opportunity with.

I have been thinking about our adventure all day as well. Smiling a lot too. I was just looking for something like what I was trying to do before your charley horse. Found this pic.

This would have been way easier…


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  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    outstanding my so lovely one x

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