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All Tied Up

on March 8, 2016


Thursday night was practically perfect. Especially since it was only our first play time together.

Mick was perfectly evil and perfectly wonderful all at the same time.

We checked into our room around 6PM.

He’s a kisser!! It’s wonderful!

For the first half hour or so all we did was kiss… Standing up, sitting down, laying on the bed… All the time fully clothed.

I reminded him of the shower he needed to take as I unbuckled his belt and untucked his shirt.

He’d been working on the plumbing at his cabin the past couple of days. The pipes had burst over the winter and he wasn’t able to get it all fixed during his time up there, as a result, no water.

It wasn’t long before I had him completely undressed 😉 I giggled a little because I expected to be the one naked first…

There was plenty of messing around in the shower, but the real fun didn’t start until we were drying off.

I bent over to pick something up off of the floor and he was immediately behind me. His erection pressing into me, but not completely.

He grabbed my love-handles and re-positioned my hips so my wet pussy was directly in front of his cock. Then he thrust into me completely and held himself there for a minute while my body trembled around him. My muscles were spasming inside and out as I orgasmed for the first time, holding him deep within me.

As he pulled out slowly, he let out a moan and ran his fingers down my back. I spread my feet apart a little farther and pressed my hands into the floor to steady myself.

I probably came 3 more times while I stood, bent over in front of him with my twat in the sky.

That broke the initial tension nicely.

We dressed and went for dinner. Conversation was nice. He got a call half way through.

After that, we lost track of time while we discussed what he had planned for the rest of our evening.

I find it refreshing that he’s so willing to communicate with me. There is nothing that we cannot discuss; he doesn’t run away and hide whenever I want to talk about feelings.

It was 10:30 when we got back to our room and not long before I had the heat turned up and both of us undressed.

Mick’s back has been bothering him so I rubbed it out for a while before he got up and started taking out his “tools”.

Over the next three hours, Mick put me in a couple of different rope holds, tried out two different belts and a strap, a feather, slapped the hell out of my pussy and once had to be reminded that lubrication is my friend 😉

At one point I got a charley horse in my thigh. He instantly untied my leg.

When I asked him to stop, he stopped.

When I told him too hard, he let up.

Near the end, he untied me completely, leaned me over the edge of the bed and started spanking my ass. Loud smacks that I am sure were heard all the way down the hallway.

Between smacks, Mick would use the feather or his fingers to caress my tender skin. The feather was tickly-soft and his fingers very calloused and rough. Sometimes he would knead out the muscles…



The lights went out shortly after that.

Mick climbed into bed and slowly made love to me before we fell asleep, completely tangled together.

When we woke up it was my turn…

6 responses to “All Tied Up

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    oh my oh my – – – this is too deicious – …. please – write about ‘your turn ‘ – i beg you x

  2. johnnyid says:

    This sounds like a far better, far healthier dip into the BDSM pool than earlier posts. I’m glad for you. 🙂

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