Waking Dream…

Waking Dream…

… I wake up to a gentle nudge at my side and then feel something being slipped onto my head and over my eyes. It’s soft but tight, and once it’s in place I truly can’t see anything. You lean in to me and whisper in my ear “Do you trust me, baby?”. I try to answer, but you put your hand over my mouth and I can only nod.

“That’s right,” your words have a reassuring tone. “Stay quiet, get out of bed, take my hand and follow me. I am going to take you somewhere.”

I do as I’m told. A lot naked and a little afraid.

You open the garage door and lead me down the few carpeted stairs leading to the chilly pavement. A shiver runs through me and I can’t tell if it’s the cold or fear. I hear the truck’s hatch as it pops open. Your hands envelop my curvy waist as you guide me toward to the back-end of your Jeep.

“Climb up into the back of the truck. Face front and kneel,” are your instructions. I nod to oblige. You take my hand in yours and gently help me climb up.

I can’t see anything and I begin to worry a little about what’s happening. You sense my discomfort and, as I kneel in the back of your SUV, you climb in behind me to wrap me in strong, warm arms and reassure me with more silky whispers, “Don’t worry, baby. You’re safe. I will take care of you…” pausing a moment to kiss a trail down my spine, adding even more goosebumps to the mix. Your arms release their embrace.

As I kneel naked before you, you pull my arms behind my back and begin to secure them to my ankles. Patiently and meticulously. Once finished, you instruct me to lie down on my side. I obey and you cover me with a furry, warm blanket. “Be quiet. Trust me,” are the last things I hear before you close the rear hatch carefully and climb into the driver’s seat.

The engine starts and I can hear the garage door open. I am trying to block out the creeping thoughts of fear and remind myself there’s nothing to worry about….

Part 2, Part 3


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