Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes


on January 27, 2016

Quite a few times now I have sat down to write all of the things that are happening to me… All the feelings that are going on inside of me…

The words just don’t flow. I feel like I am staggering drunkenly across the page each time I scrawl something new (and that’s a challenge because I’m typing. hehehe…).

Change is crazy and upsetting and happening all around me. It started with me standing up to Alaska and leaving him on New Years Eve.

Then I just up and decided to buy another car: it took about two weeks and then I found it (I still have Breezy). He’s nothing fancy, but he suits me very well – and I can work on it when it breaks down if I need/want to! (I thought I had figured out a name for him, but I’m not 100%)

A couple of days after that, my boss put in her notice. Her last day was last Friday. It was strange and exhilarating and I’m starting to think that I might not have to find a new job after all. I might get the credibility and support from my new boss that I deserve. Her replacement is someone that already works within the company and has worked close enough with me to know that I am good at my job. He is also busy enough with his other duties, that he won’t have time to put up with any of Crazy Girl’s shit.

On the dating front, I have only been hitting dead ends. Maybe it’s because I’m raising my standards… But I think that it’s REALLY because all of the actual good relationship men are already taken (duh!) OR they’ve been completely broken and no longer desire to be in any type of relationship.

I have learned one thing, though:

If someone expresses interest in you online but your feelings are not mutual, don’t bother telling them you aren’t interested.

They wouldn’t bother telling you


3 responses to “Things…

  1. Madeline Harper says:

    I agree the good men must all be taken! Or buried! lol

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